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$80.00 per person     1 to 10 people
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$25.00 per person     1 to 10 people
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Young Adults Easter Camp 2018 is hosted by Oasis Ministries.

Registrations available for 18's and over. Under 18's must come with a parent, sibling or friend over 18.

The evening rally's are free and open to all from 7:30pm each night.

VOLUNTEERS LEADERS PLEASE NOTE: Volunteer leaders can register at a discounted rate.

Oasis ministries are looking for volunteer leaders to help run this event. If you would like to come as a leader, please contact camp oasis at events@oasis.asn.au or at (03) 9736 2898 and ask for a leader's application pack. If you are succesful, you will receive a discount code to apply when you register.

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